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Just saying thanks.

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This post serves no purpose other than to send a huge thanks to the "mostly a bunch of asshat prima donnas" who not only make this forum a rather refreshing read, but maintain the launcher and do the testing for this wonderful modpack that has revolutionized the way my server visitors look at minecraft.

Tekkit is now a daily part of our conversations and may have just garnered me a promotion at work. I'm not going to get into details but it's the possibilities of Tekkit that have gotten my creative thought processes initialized and have prompted me to make several suggestions at work for possible new business avenues. So not only have you taken over my free time, you've taken over my work time too!

Thanks for being who you are and good at what you do. I look forward to the future of this improvement to the MC world.

That's all.

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I too would like to say thanks, after some frustration and noobiness on my part i've gotten to love this pack.

Very easy to download and update, many tools in game to help along, and SO much better than vanilla.


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