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Tekkit Lite 0.6.5 Bukkitforge


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Hi there ,

I have the following problem , my server runs fine on Tekkit Lite 0.6.1 with Bukkitforge . But when I install the version 0.6.5 with BukkitForge the server won't start , I tried many versions of BukkitForge. The problem on the other hand is that when I install BukkitForge there is no server.log or crashreport anywhere !? I would love to update to 0.6.5 but only if there is a chance to take amy bukkit plugins with me .

I hope you can help me with any possible solutions.


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I've used both Bukkitforge and MCPC+ and have found that MCPC+ is pretty good about keeping up with the Tekkitlite Builds. Legacy build 15 is what i'm currently testing on my server before i go live, and i havn't run into a single error message on the console yet. a few "leaking" messages but i suspect that is yet again chicken chunks, and i'll have to delete that plugin again :P

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