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[1.4.7]ThinkCraft[20 slots][PvE][Open][ThinkCraft Pack]

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To see an indepth explanation of what we are about as well as where to join our community, check out Welcome to ThinkCraft

For a quick guide to connect, check out our tutorial thread: Connect to ThinkCraft

ThinkCraft Mod URL: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/thinkcraft.16303

Server Address: mc.thinking-man.com

Server Rules:

  • No Griefing
  • No Cheating
  • Be Respectful To Everyone
  • Family server so no swearing or inappropriate language
  • Do not ask for Admin or Mod
  • Do not ask for free items

Expected Uptime:24/7

What is ThinkCraft you ask?

ThinkCraft is the official Minecraft server of Thinking Man, our community. Thinking Man has nearly 10 years of gaming history with hundreds of different people playing all kinds of games. Concerning Minecraft, we have run Vanilla, Tekkit Classic and FTB and are now running our own modded server.

So if you aren't sold yet on wanting to join our community, why not check out the server for yourself, we have no white-list and welcome all new players as long as you are respectful and courteous to other players.


Interacting with ThinkCraft:

Once you can connect to our server, you might be curious about how to interact with it, sure you could play classic Minecraft style and just start building everywhere but if you want to fully experience the server as well as protect your creations and rise to our highest ranks, you will need to learn the basics. We have created numerous tutorial videos on everything from claiming land to making money and using our multiple worlds to use the best tech for the job.

ThinkCraft Tutorials Episode 1: Connecting to ThinkCraft

ThinkCraft Tutorials Episode 2: Claims

ThinkCraft Tutorials Episode 3: Mining

ThinkCraft Tutorials Episode 4: Money

Also be sure to check out our YouTube channel for all the videos we use in our tutorials if you don't feel like creating an account on our Forums just yet.

Thinking Man YouTube Channel

Who are we looking for?

We are always looking for smart, eager and creative players to come and enjoy our server and community. We hope that you have some experience in playing Tekkit or FTB but if you don't, that's fine, we can help you learn =).

Server Screenshots:


Our Beautiful Spawn Building


It reaches to the top of the sky


Players can hop the back of horses and pegasi to soar through the sky


The first floor of our spawn has resources to learn everything about ThinkCraft


The launcher screen for our Modpack


Grab a portal gun and do the impossible


Our Rank Shop lets players who can't donate real money, earn the powers of VIPs




Our players homes are built with care and are protected securely


Our Global Shop keeps the economy going with ever changing prices based on supply and demand.


Our dedicated mining world lets players use Miners and quarries without ruining the landscape of the build world.


Thank you for checking out our awesome server and keep in mind that we are always looking to grow, upgrade and ascend to greater feats for our community and players. Thanks for joining us and see you on the server!

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