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  1. Hello. I am NT1998. My IGN is NT1998, I am 15, and mainly a reason I want to join is because I wanted to get back into Tekkit and see what I've been missing. Not that many servers out there are good, so I wanted to see what this one would be like. Been playing minecraft since Beta 1.7.3. Hope you whitelist me.
  2. Wow! Perfect timing! Thanks for whitelisting me. I'm downloading as I type this.
  3. *headbutts enemy till I explode* SSSSSSSSS

  4. Two things I would like to say. 1. My IGN is NT1998 and I think this looks like a good modpack so I would like to join...but.. 2. I think it would add more entertainment if you could add Tinker's Construct so that way people can make tools easier. I mean it's easy enough with IC2 in there, but I feel like that would help. I also have a few other mod ideas to add but I think I will explain that later if you aprove my first idea. I just like people who take acount to other people's ideas. Thanks for your consideration. -NT1998
  5. Hey, the server is down...this is not a restart...why did the server go down?
  6. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/227822-164-spmp-millenaire-npc-village-new-byzantines-5111-japanese-buildings-norwegian-version-fixes/ How about this mod? It seems really fun.
  7. Hi it's NT1998 again. I want to whitelist for the new tekkit server. IGN: NT1998 Age: 14. Turning 15 November 11th. Time spent playing Tekkit or any Technic related pack: Technic pack since 1.7.3 and all the modpacks as soon as they came out. Reason to join: I remember this server when I was playing on the custom pack. It was fun. Now I want to see what people can make when we take it to new planets.
  8. Excuse me...but are you sure your server is not down?
  9. Hello. My IGN is NT1998. I would like to join this server because it is a new hexxit server and I have been looking for hexxit servers since the second it came out. I have tried out the new pack and I like the mods that are in it. I want to have a comunity that will be kind to others and is a safe one where no racisim is there or any griefing / raiding. I look forward to joining. Edit: Dimensional doors is an amazing mod. I think it adds more room to the server. I mean, infinite space in zero space. Who else does not want that?
  10. I second the idea of more slots. Maybe bump up to 20. Or at least 16.
  11. Your server is down. Fix that for the overflow of people that will come on. Edit: I tried logging in, it gave me end of stream error. Look into that.
  12. This seems like an amazing server. I can't believe I didn't see this out there. I will come on soon. I have a good feeling I am going to like what I see there.
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