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[0.6.5]fpower's simple tekkit lite server![pvp][25 slots]fun,simple,tekkit


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Ip of join now :) :=>

whitelist is on now! im sorry but its for various of reasons ask me for whitelist

server rules are simple just : no grief,no steal,no troll

NOTE : build 2000-5000 blocks from spawn to prevent grief

removed mods: no mods removed but dimensional doors i'm realy sorry for this but it crashes the server randomly so im not enabling

till they fix it :)

banned items : none! :D only dimensional door ones but thats nothing!

major plugins : what major plugins? plugin free :D

basically i saw alot of major heavy servers out there so i tought why wont i set up a simple server? no lagg

no mods or items disabled no plugins etc :) so here it is a lagg free 20 slot server enjoy :D!

(screenshots at end)

community : basically i have alot of friends on we dont got any mean players :) (they all go annoy the big servs)

so yeah mostly nice and helpfull people and alot of staff (dont ask for it tough you wont get it)

uptime : 24/7 restarsts every 2 hours no problem i hope

now here : screenshots reason why my last post had none : i diden't have any yet just waited for people to

build something fun i wanted to put screenshots but it diden't work seem like i can't get the image url's if you want screenshots anyways this link :http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/tekkit-server-screenshots/

i hope you have enjoyed it took me a while to take screenshots and write this post.

sorry for whitelist guys but i just had too not because of grief but the server coulden't take so

many bases,chunk loaders so i had to

also servers updated now link will be posted in old post

total : 17 screenshots

work time : 45 minutes

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