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  1. IGN: Playtooop Experiance with voltz: Lots Skype: yes, Playtoop Banned before: once because it was a german server and couldn't read any of the signs and broke some wool that i guess i wasn't supposed to. Why i want to play on this server: looking for a server that doesn't have very many plugins and is ok to raid and grief each other every once in awhile i was also wondering if i could apply for an admin position
  2. IGN: playtoop Experiance: I played voltz since it came out then i stopped for awhile because the server shutdown i was playing on If you need me to add more to this please let me know and i will get back to it as soon as i can. Also if you add me please let me know. Thank you.
  3. ign: playtoop age:15 location: Idaho Experience with tekkit lite: i played alot of it then took a break for awhile and now im getting back into it ban history: i got banned once becasue i destroyed some wool that you werent supposed to but i didnt know because it was a german server Goals on the server: make an awesome factory
  4. Name: Spencer Minecraft name: Playtoop age: 15 Your long term minecraft project: to build a cool house and to help others get started Why I want to play on this server: I am just looking for a good server to play on and yours looks really good
  5. IGN: playtoop Skype: playtoop Age: 15 Gender: Male i would like to join because i have been looking for a good small tekkit lite server for a while now and yours seems perfect. i love to play tekkit lite and i have gotten quite good at it so i can help people out if they need it and its just fun.
  6. My IGN is playtoop and i happend to come across your thread and i thought this looks like a good friendly servers.Thanks for your time.
  7. IGN: playtoop Age: 15 Location: Nampa, Idaho Are you more the 'build and create' or 'hunt and explore' type of player? Im kind of the explorei type but i love to build and create things also. Other things you'd like to add. I have been playing tekkit almost since it has come out...and im really just looking for a great friendly server.
  8. I would like to be whitelisted please My IGN is playtoop im just looking for a good small community of fellow tekkit players....thanks
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