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Minium stone seems broken for me (bdpure texture pack ?related?)


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hi i have a major issue with minium stone well i can use it normally but in some moment in game session the functionality of it breaks up. it is like this: i can craft anything from minium stone recipes normally but in some occasions it seems that it breaks up in a way i cant use ANY recipes from it i found out that reseting the game (turn it off and back on :D) it is functional once more iam using bdpure texture pack 64x and the game runs fine means no major lags i noticed that it may have something common with F11 key cause last time and many times before it breaks up right after i went full screen (during the fullscreen the window is like for 1 sec white) btw iam using bdpure texture pack version for mc 1.4.5 cause it currently is the version when i tried using the 1.5 version only new blocks loaded(those from mods) and the original vannila were in old textures feel free to ask aditional questions i will respond need this fixed its annoying

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