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[1.0.11]ShadowCraftVoltZ[PvP][10 Slots][No Whitelist]


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Hey there, here's a small hamachi server I made for some people to come join me and have a war!

Hamachi ID: ShadowCraftVoltZ

Hamachi Pass: voltz


Rules are:

1-No griefing

2-No cheating

3-No asking for items

4-No swearing

5-No asking for OP

The server will mostly be up on weekends, on weekdays it will be up around 5-10pm (GMT +0)

Come join me, can't wait :D

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Having trouble connecting, and what is this hamachi ID and pass? I don't know how to use them.

Oh, and since many servers have different definitions of 'greifing' (from breaking a single block to filling someone's place with pigs) would you please clearly define 'greifing?' Voltz is pretty boring if you can't destroy blocks.

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