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Looking for a Co-Owner

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Good evening all,

Im looking for someone to be a co-owner with me.

I have owned a server on VPS and with a dedicated host (clanslots) so i have a pretty good knowledge of running a server.

I do not have the time to dedicate to fully running a server. I still want the perks of owning a server but not the hassle of running it.

Let me know if anyone is willing to consider a co owner, obviously i would cover half of the cost of the server but i need someone who is trustworthy and looking for the same sort of thing i am, A PvE, no greif survival server.

I Look forward to seeing replies :)

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im not looking massive but a fair size, ive just came across pixelmon mod ( http://pixelmonmod.com/blog/ )

so i quite like the thought of combining that with Tekkit Lite.

PM me what your thoughts are guys, obviously we have to build up trust if we will be financially connected.

I dont think i mentioned before but i am 26 looking for a commitment off someone, im not some little chancer looking for someone to pay for me, i intent the server to be co-owned and co-paid for until the time comes that the server can be self sufficient via donations.

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