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What version has turrets and blast proofing?


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I'm trying to play a version of voltz that has both the turret and blast proofing. I went into settings and tried using the latest build 1.1.4 and the recommended 1.1.11(deleting old files each time) but neither had both so I tried to manually select a build but no matter which one I select than save it automatically goes back and selects 1.0.13 I want to try like 1.1.3 or 1.1.4 but I can't. So if anyone can help me play with the both turrets and blast proofing it'd be majorly appreciated.

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There is no gear on the mac version. There is an option box but the highest version it goes to is 1.0.13 latest and the recommended build is 1.0.11. Do I have an old version of the technic launcher? if so how do I update.


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