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Help with installing .jar server on multicraft host


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Okay so I've tried as much as I can on my own watched dozens of videos for other modpack installs for multicraft and I'm still stumped.

my host is MC powerhosting, I have jar file activated (so I can type in BigDig.jar).

Now where I get stuck every time is I've uploaded the .jar file and modpack files to any and all directories with no results.

First I tried in the jar directory. No go. Did a clean of the server and then tried just the main directory. No luck.

Tried the above attempt but this time in craftbukkit mod, but whenever I don't have craftbuckkit.jar selected it reverts to default.

I'm willing to try anything at thei point after 24 hours working on it on my own v.v

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Okay I found a solution, granted this is NOT a permanent solution and should only be used for small servers with your friends.

If you're like me you already have FileZilla installed to access your FTP files for better transfers and you've already followed the steps, but I'll walk you through what I did minus the foul language that soaked through my keyboard to permanently stain my desk black.

First contact your hosting company to have them turn on .jar access so you can get to the directory.

Launch the server in Mod:craftbukkit to create a jar file inside the newly create jar directory and then stop the server

Optional: delete the world file, this will be useless in bigdig (or create a void in the world where there aren't wicked awesome resources)

download the 1.2.2 server file from the Big Dig directory

Open the zip file (or extract and then open) inside FileZilla

Select all the necessary files for big dig and move it inside the jar directory.

Rename the BigDig.jar file inside the server FTP to craftbukkit.jar and allow it to remove the other craftbukkit.jar

restart your server after (be sure you're still launching in craftbukkit with the craftbukkit.jar file modified)

There you have it, big dig will be running. It's not pretty and you can pay for people to install but this will work on a smaller server for friends and you wont even have to throw a monitor at a defenseless window!

EDIT: the only thing that has an issue is chococraft related mobs/items don't seem to spawn in but it includes them so you can spawn a few yellow chocobos and gysahl greens

EDIT2: Take the first edit back, it works just fine, just took some time for them to spawn in naturally.

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