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  1. If you set up test versions let me know how I can help, I'll create a separate test directory on my server to see how they react on a server as well. Though my wife may hate me risking her world saves =P
  2. Yeah I'm not going to update right yet on my server, I can deal without mystcraft, and if there was a jet pack I could handle losing IC2, but since there isn't I'll be staying in 1.4.7 land for now. I can probably white list you guys on it so you can play both Big Dig 1.3.2 and 1.2.2
  3. if you need help on it when my son goes down for a nap I can assist you over skype
  4. Cool, well I got the guide up just in time before I had to go to work, if you get stuck let me know and I'll help ya after work
  5. Haha well when you get back I'll help you add plugin support... it was a pain learning
  6. Link, they keep crashing it, just leave it off and focus on your trip man. Good news though, found out how to add plugins to your server, so when you get back send me a message and I'll help you get them running
  7. it was a windows 8 error for 1.2.2, seems like it thought it was still running. staying clear of 1.3.0 for now
  8. anyone else having a problem with 1.3.0? It seems to keep crashing on launch for me. Edit: and for those of you who had this problem how did you get it to run? Edit 2: okay and now 1.2.2 seems to crash on me now as well
  9. Daytime only server, time constraint, I recommend only playing on this if you have no other servers to play on since you'll only be able to play for part of the day.
  10. Hey boss, looks like someone crashed the server, if you can remote access and restart that would be cool, if not don't sweat it
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