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when i want to run Voltz/tekkit a window says me "Update failed"


Launcher Version:

Operating System: Windows xp 32bit

Java Version: 7.21

Antivirus Program: Microsoft Security Essentials

Description of Problem: Just cant run any kind of Tekkit/voltz/......

Error Messages:

Update failed

Error Log:

My Launcher starts normaly but when i want to run Voltz or tekkit a little widow comes with the letters "Update failed" but it didnt even updating anything...

I tried it again and again but everytime same thing came.

So i dled the newest technic launcher, but there also comes

"Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine

Error: A fatal exception has occurred.Programm will exit"

A guy in a other thread told me to dl the AV "Microsoft Security Essentials" but its still not working. I also tried it to stop the Antivier Programm but thats also not working..

Now i cant even open any kind of minecraft on my laptop...

Could you help me out?

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1. Clear cache

2. Download a vanilla minecraft 1.4.7 .jar

3. rename it to "minecraft_1.4.7"

4. Put it in C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\.technic\cache

5. Play

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