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[1.4.7][NEI][IC2][Forge] Nuclear Reactor Schematic Plugin for NEI


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Nuclear Reactor Schematic Plugin


What is it?

Nuclear Reactor Schematic is a NEI plugin powered by Forge that requires IC2 to function. What does it do? It allows you to load ICReactorPlanner schematic strings, and use those for ease of setting up nuclear reactors, as well as keeping your favorites on hand at all times.

How does it function?

NRS functions through the use of the simple NEI recipe menu. Simply press R on a nuclear reactor block either in the NEI menu, or in your inventory, and it'll load your schematics, as well as showing you them in an organized manner.


How do I use it?

Simply throw it in your mods folder, whether that be in tekkitlite, or in your custom modpack. The mod will auto-generate a folder in your technic launcher's directory called nuclear_schematics.

In that folder, throw in any file, such as a .txt file, and within each .txt file, you can add one string from the ICReactorPlanner, which will be loaded and decoded in-game.

Can it do anything else?

Along with just the simple fact of showing you the recipes, it can, as well, allow you to plug them into an existing nuclear reactor by pressing the ? in the bottom right corner. As well as that, it can handle any size nuclear reactor chamber-wise.


What was this made for?

This was made entirely for the tekkitlite platform, however, it can be adapted into any other mod-pack that uses minecraft 1.4.7 and IC2.

Can I use this in my modpack?

Anyone is free to use this in their mod-pack, however, due to the fact that this contains sprites from IC2 within the .jar file(compatibility reasons), it is suggested you have permission by the creator of IC2 before using this if you intend on making a public mod-pack.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the creator of IC2, NEI, or ICReactorPlanner in any way. If something doesn't work properly with this mod, it's most likely on me.


Old Versions:





*Added better optimization between files

*Reduced file size of mod




+Mod Release

Help me improve your experience with this

Use this thread to report any bugs, glitches, or just suggestions.

I'll be actively optimizing, fixing, and making the code better, but if you don't tell me what's wrong with this, it's going to most likely stay the same.

I will also be actively updating this to stay up to date with the current tekkit build.

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