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[3.1.2] SurvivalCraft Tekkit [PvE/PvP][20 slots][no mods removed]


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Server IP

Server Rules

Griefing is not allowed

Do not ask for op/other ranks

Do not use X-ray or other hacks (will be temp-banned)

Do not ask for stuff from admins/ops

Do not spam the chat, will just annoy everyone

Do not be racist

do not act weird/swear at people

Do not use caps, will also just make people annoyed

Banned items on this server is:

Chunk loaders

Black hole band

(might add more in the future)


Factions (this is for protection, untill Griefprevention is installed)




(soon GriefPrevention)




I put this server up cause I didn't have anything to do one weekend, after that some people came online i just wanted to keep on developing and making it better for the people online, after a while i found tekkit and thought, why not make a server with that instead. (it seemed abit more fun than normal minecraft.) So I did that and now we're just growing and growing. We like to have it a small server but to expand wouldn't be wrong. Hopefully you'll have no lag and everything should be fine, if not you can tell any admins online or me myself


Trying to have the server up 24/7, this might not happend at some days cause my hosting computer also has to take a break

:) (not talking more than like 2 hours break)

On my server I would love to have people who are friendly and who wont go against the rules, those people who Loves to go against the rules and grief and all of that shouldn't even think about joining.

This is pretty much it, The server is pretty new and im trying to make it nicer and nicer, still working on the spawn and I'll try to get a picture up on it here as soon as I can. I hope I'll see you on the server some time









(looking for this)


(looking for this)

If u wish to apply for Staff please follow this format and do it as nice as u can :)



Experience from befor?(if so what rank)

How could u improve the server?

Why should I choose just you?

What rank are u applying for and do you think You've done ennough to aquire it?


## NOTICE ##



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Hello! Noobley78 here, leader of the all so mighty OilEvolve. Originally it was suppost to be called OilRevolution, but that didn't quite fit into the 10 character limit.

Anyway, lets get down to why I left this here reply on your post. I want to become Mod or LilMod. I don't really care which one. I am quite experienced with tekkit classic. I may forget a few things here and there, but I consider myself very good. Not really satisfied with all the pvp action going on with all over server, I wanted to try out a peace loving server such as your own. There I go again, getting off track. Anyway, below is my applying sheet

Name: noobley78.

Age: 13.

Experience from before: Haven't been admin or mod of server before, but I know the concept.

How could I improve the server?: I would help other players out, pitch in when something needs building or upgrading, help you guys out on some things in the mods you don't know.

Why should I choose you?: I personally think I would be good for the job because I am on almost every night(probably day for you).

Rank(s) applying for: I am applying for the Mod or LilMod.

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- Ign name:KryptonicEdge

- How old are you:15

- What is your gender:Male

- Where do you live:Uk

- How long will you be online for:about 8 hours each day

- Will you be able to Donate to improve the server:Sure if the servers in need of it

- Do you have skype? (Please write down your skype name.) You have it ;) (Israphel_daniels)

- Will you be dedicated to the server: Ill try to stay on as often as possible and help out

- Will you get users on to the server: deffinetly me and some freinds hae been looking for a good one for a while

- How would you use ban command in a situation: If someone was down right out of order,Breaking the rules Acting like a twat etc (tempban)

- How would you use mute command in a situation: Spammers and winers

- How would you use kick command in a situation: If someone spams i would first kick then mute, Being rude to staff and players

- Can you come on at weekends: sure why not

- Would you be able to advertise the server to get more users online: I can make the server a proffesional banner with photoshop to attract more players, i can vote for the server if thats needed

- What is your maturity level out of 10: quite honestly i like to have a joke with people but when it gets down to it i dont take people being assholes to lightly so i would say 8

- What is your building level out of 10: oh god now lol my building depends on if im int he mood to comit to a build most often if i am i can do pretty good builds so i would say 7

- Anything I should know about: Not really, i really dont mind if im not picked im happy enough just playing. Thanks for reading . Kryptonic

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Name: ghrim28 (George)

Age: 15

Experience from before: I have been owner of 4 different servers Co owner on 3 different servers Admin on over 6 servers and mod on 2 servers

How could u improve the server: I am hard working and i am already very experienced with dealing with players

Why should I choose just you: I have allot of past experience i am kind charismatic but can be strict

What rank are u applying for and do you think You've done enough to acquire it: I don't think i have but i hope to help in anything you need in the future

Thank you for your consideration -Ghrim

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