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[Voltz 1.1.3][PVP][WAR] Princ.ly server


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Princ.ly is a Voltz server with the main idea being enjoyable for players who want to play Voltz the way I believe it is meant to be.

Anything goes as far as in game content. There are no banned items, if you get anti-matter before anyone else, you have a leg up. There are no staff members, because nothing needs to be monitored, play, enjoy yourself and kill other players.

Players often choose to meet up at a predetermined location to trade or kill each other. Create alliances, break them, do whatever, its Voltz!

There are only 3 rules:

1. Stay within approx 1000m of Spawn. [Waypoints are your friend] The reason behind this is to populate a general area, increasing the risk and suspense.

2. All members who wish to be regulars must sign up on our forum and make a post. in the "Voltz Server Player List" category, reading the one sticky located therein, after such time you never have to look at the forums if you so choose. The server is not whitelisted, so you can join and do this after you play a while if you'd like.

3. Beat everyone else. Hard.

The only plugin installed currently is Essentials.

Our forums: forum.princ.ly

The server IP:

The server has daily activity so there will always be a threat, and thus a reason to play.

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