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  1. im getting pretty much the same problem, but in mulltiplayer, only one one specific server, i tried to silver in a smelting machine, and ever since then my game dies
  2. thanks for telling us this, are there any mod apps yet?
  3. I will join, i have a mike, but i'm twelve so nobody wants to hear my voice so i use chat.
  4. in game name: jjbuchko age: 14 i've played mincecraft for 3 years i've played volts for 2 months the reason i want to join is to have is because all of the radar, and the missle and what not are useless in single player, also i love a good volts war location: Washington USA Other: i'm a timid PVP person why likes to stay inder the radar untill i have the good stuff and lijes to work with atleast one other person Also a tip with Redmatter bombs: i found that you can blast 'em in to the sky with an anti bomb
  5. i've done that but still it says i dont have the right mods or them at all
  6. could you have the aether super + pack with Sonic's unbelieveable shaders? here is the link for shaders http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/940974-147sonic-ethers-unbelievable-shaders-glsl-shaders-dynamic-shadows-more/ and for the aether super + pack http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/940974-147sonic-ethers-unbelievable-shaders-glsl-shaders-dynamic-shadows-more/
  7. love to join your server

  8. i would love to play IGN: jjbuchko How often do you play?: quite a bit usually two hours sometimes more can you record: unforently i can't record..... yet but i can easily get something set up i think also i can invite some friends taht would be happy to play to so wecan get enough players
  9. can i join the server?

    the one you posted for players on the volts request form

  10. i've been trying to find a good volts server and for some reason alomst all 1.0.11 servers dont work and every time i try to join a 1.3.1 server it says i dont have the right mods is this because i have a our dated version of volts i run 1.0.11 but dont know how to up grade it i tried donwloading new launcher but no luck. it says you can get up to 1.4.1 volts version but i don't know how also i can't seam to find the "server dev" i think that's what it's called that is used for sulotoins to similar problems
  11. server says thati dont have the right mods how do i get them?
  12. it's a shame i was to late so could you notify me if and when you are going to make another event like this or the next season
  13. Username: jjbuchko Age: 13 How long have you been playing Minecraft?: about 3 years Do you know much about Voltz?: no that much other then what all of the weps do Why do you want to play on this server?: i want to fight nad single player is kinda boring What do you like doing in Minecraft/Voltz?: waging wars/ detonating bombs/ building high end stuff
  14. i would love to join you (i'm not that good with volts though i i'm improving on it on it :)
  15. -13 -Pacific Time -moderate(not that good though) -i love a good volts war -100% group -yes completely (also in that sense we should ban some weps like red and anti matter)
  16. i'd love to join but please be warned im a noob and would like to teamed up with an exprienced player my minecraft username is jjbuchko also will you tell us when the server is full i really don't want to miss this
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