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[1.0.3] Energized [Open] [MCMMO] [PvPToggle] [Multiverse] [Factions] [LWC]

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Energized - The new Tekkit Brand for Eldertek!

The Rebirth of a life changing server!


Server IP - ""

Server Website -

Server Rules:

  • No Griefing
  • No Exploitation of Mods (Duping)
  • Always Obey Staff without question
  • No Spamming
  • No possession of Premium only items.
  • No attemptive hacking
  • No Advertising
  • No Rank begging ("PLEASE CAN I BE MOD! ")

Banned items and Mods:

  • Explosives (Things like TNT)
  • Balkons Weapons (Available in the PvP World)
  • Chunk Loading devices
  • Turtles and other protection bypassers (Trusted and Premium only)
  • Minium Stone
  • Phillosopher stone
  • TreeCapitator (Causes lots of entities which make lag)
  • Dimensional Doors (Millionaire+ Only)
  • Mystcraft (will be making a return)

More Information:

Major Plugins:

  • iConomy (Buy and Sell goods using In Game money)
  • DragonTravel (Travel across the map....By Dragon!)
  • Factions (Make your own groups and protect your land!)
  • LWC (Automatic Locking system for your chests and machines!)
  • Hawkeye (Long Term grief logging so we can fix your griefs!)
  • Multiverse (Allowing the multiple PvP, Survival worlds)
  • Help Tickets (Make support tickets when admins arent online)

A mini description:

Energized is a totally new and well thought out master piece of a server brought to you by Eldertek FTB, this server is not related to the old server in ANY way and is totally brand new.

We are trying to not ban as many things as possible, and are currently working with some plugin developers on logging some grief tools (turtles etc.)


  • PvP (In Progress)
  • Survival
  • Maze (In progress)
  • Creative (In Progress)
  • Events Map (NOT OPEN YET - This world will feature things like "FTB", "Walls" and "Hunger Games")

Expected Uptime - 24/7 (Unless there is server work going on or host issues)

Community - We allow ANY players on this server, no matter how old or how popular, we just want to make sure any one can start a life on this server and meet up with other players, both to help make friendships and also give the server a larger player base!

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Thanks guys! We are currently installing some more plugins and will be upgrading the Ram aswell to reduce any lag (There doesnt seem to be any though tbh)

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Energized is a very great server because of the small amount of griefing and trolls. The admins are very nice, griefing is banned, and you can toggle pvp off or on allowing you to have a happy Tekkit Experience. Many items are allowed, and the community is quite nice. If i had to rate the server, 10/10 because it is one of the greatest and best communities I have ever joined. Join now and you won't regret it!

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At the current time, we have to stick with 1 world (Survival) and users will have to toggle PVP with /togglepvp, this is because MCPC doesnt manage well with Multiverse-inventories very well

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I've just started playing this server and the Staff are VERY helpful, players are really nice and it's just alot of fun in general :)

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Thanks!, We are currently working on getting Mystcraft back in, but it seems to be causing world leaks when added for the end worlds, so may take a while

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To those who havent noticed - Space Stations are quite buggy and you may end up using someone elses station, this is currently unknown to me and i can only advise you dont use the space station system

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I am really sorry for the recent downtime related to Galacticraft, but it has now been patched with a different MCPC+ Build and everything seems stable.

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