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Many Problems

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So my whole goal here is to get the magma crucible running but i have problems leading up to that.

1st one i cant place water or lava where i want only in certain areas. I wanted to try and use a deployer to place source blocks but have no idea how to get that running.

2. I need lava for the magmatic engines but don't have a very good source of lava so i wanted to take from the nether but don't know how to get lava from nether in to the magmatic engines without me having to go there all the time.


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nope dint work i tried again the water bucket just sits there and the deployer is powered. Its not in a spawn protected area and on the wiki it says this

A deployer cannot deploy a liquid from a bucket into a space where the liquid will flow in any direction. So a liquid must be deployed into a space such as a 1x1x1 square with a block on each side and the bottom but not on the top. This also applies to filling bucket
so should that hole that opens and closes be facing up on top or dosent matter

EDIT found it out deployers only work with buttons not levers

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