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  1. Why are you trying to use plugins? Just use Mystcraft.
  2. Try logging into the game. At the bottom left of the main screen, it says what version you're on.
  3. Offline mode becomes available upon logging in for the first time. This measure is in place to prevent people from playing without a premium account.
  4. That bug is what allows for vanilla block update detectors, actually. Has to do with the piston being able to be powered from two blocks above, but only checking whether it "should" be powered upon receiving a direct update.
  5. I'd still go for a Mystcraft lava oceans age. You have to move the pump eventually, sure, but so infrequently that you'll hardly even notice. Invar is pretty easy to get. You just have to pulverize a lot of iron. Also, biofarms are loud, large, and annoying to build.
  6. You shouldn't need to download anything from minecraft.net. The Platform page for Lapito's modpack has a download link for the server.
  7. If you want to learn Lua, there are tons of great tutorials on ComputerCraft's forum at http://computercraft.info/forums2. There are also video tutorials on YouTube. Here's the first episode of Sethbling's Lua tutorial series: I don't know what other languages you want to learn, but again, there are massive amounts of resources online. Just look for them, and you'll find them. Another great website (or so I hear) is http://codeacademy.com. They have a large variety of online courses for several different languages. If you're looking for general resources for logic and methodology, there's stuff for that, too. I recommend Programming Methodology by Mehran Sahami, available on iTunes. It's a Stanford course, and it's free. (You don't really need it if you're not going for a PhD, though.)
  8. They don't exist yet. If you saw a mod showcase with more planets, it's because the developer of Galacticraft gave them a dev build to show off.
  9. I would, but I don't have the scripting knowledge and I don't have a Facebook account.
  10. Yeah, who would do this, exactly? Mystcraft and Dim Doors are developed by two different people, and I seriously doubt they're both just going to say "Hey, it'd be great if our mods were combined!" EDIT: Posted before I saw the guy above me, who pretty much covered it.
  11. I know your problem is already solved, but I have another suggestion: Connect only a storage bus to the DSU, but open the storage bus GUI by right clicking with an open hand and put a stack of cobble in there. This tells the storage bus to sink all cobblestone on the system into the DSU.
  12. Right, so if you buy a product, you're entitled to creative control over it.
  13. I had one. As it turns out, my suit simply weighed too much. All is well now.
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