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  1. I'm still not following you on the whole 'make your own legal decisions' thing, I mean, just kinda confused because you didn't really explain all that much. Either that or I'm just having trouble making sense of it. I'd like to know how having parents would hinder you.
  2. So, I'd like to know exactly why you don't want to be playing with anyone over 18. I'm just curious. Also, what are Tekkevers?
  3. Hey, This is cool and all, but, if you don't want an infraction point, delete this post and post it in the Tekkit Lite Servers forum Just a friendly reminder
  4. You should make a sticky called 'Whalebox bets' (Jk)
  5. _Mataroyale_Modpacker_ Should be banned for not reading Shalez's post correctly and obviously not reading these forums enough.
  6. _Motaroyale_Modpacker_ should be banned because her picture is black and white. Obviously she lives in a time where there isn't even color, therefore, has no way of communicating with the members of these forums, but she still does it somehow.
  7. At least we aren't anally idiotic. Go here if you want to post like shit and not get warned www.minecraftforums.net
  8. You accidentally have a nightmare of wanting a whole mountain of palladium to fall on you as a suicide attempt. You die in bed, because you suffocated in a mountain of palladium. I wish that I didn't have to wish :|
  9. theprolo should be banned because his right hand has been bitten of by a small dog and he is holding a pitchfork, meaning 1. He can't possibly type, and paranormal activity stays in movies only 2. He is obviously a Satan worshiper because of his clothing and items.
  10. Soupa should be banned because she forgot the rules of this game.
  11. Shalezstorm should be banned because he is a meme, and memes are not allowed here.
  12. :siren:Wrong section, post in Platform Pagoda :siren:
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