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1.3.1 server bugg


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i've been trying to find a good volts server and for some reason alomst all 1.0.11 servers dont work and every time i try to join a 1.3.1 server it says i dont have the right mods

is this because i have a our dated version of volts i run 1.0.11 but dont know how to up grade it i tried donwloading new launcher but no luck. it says you can get up to 1.4.1 volts version but i don't know how

also i can't seam to find the "server dev" i think that's what it's called that is used for sulotoins to similar problems

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1.3.1 and 1.4.1?

have i lived under a stone?

in the setting, press"always use latest builds" to get 1.1.4, which is what i assume you want

i've done that but still it says i dont have the right mods or them at all

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