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Big Dig Update?

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Does anyone have any news on when big dig is going to be doing an update? Minefactory, industrial craft, equivalent exchange, the minecraft base, and a few other mods are quite out of date at this point, this has caused it to be missing several key items. I like the broadness of tekkit, but I like the frequency of ores in big dig, so does anyone have any news on an update, or an idea of how to increase the ore frequency in tekkit/vanilla?

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I think the maintainer is trying to make the 1.5 jump, but has to wait for red power. At least that's how I understand it. Though if we're being completely honest, big dig will probably have to abandon rp sometime in the near future.

And afaik, ore frequency is being altered with metallurgy's config files, but as to how you could alter it in vanilla/tekkit, I have no idea.

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