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  1. I'm pretty sure marble can be transmuted from cobblestone and basalt from marble. I'm not at my computer now, but I seem to remember doing this.
  2. Are you able to download any of the other jars or is it just the scala-library? If it's all of them, either your browser is trying to run the jar instead of just downloading it, or something else is blocking access to minecraftforge.net. If you're only having issues with the scala, then I'm not sure what to tell you; I'm able to download it no problem. Just curious, where are you from?
  3. Open up Avast!, click on the 'Security' tab, then 'Antivirus' and then stop all of the shield modules that you have installed. Make sure to turn them back on after you've launched Tekkit. Edit: Alternatively, just right-click the Avast! icon in the notification area and click 'avast! shields control' -> 'Disable...'. I've never had any issues with Avast! interfering with Technic before though.
  4. Any problem with the Jenkins builds? A lot of people on the BigDig board complain about the invisible power tool glitch and it would be nice to know if there's currently a fix.
  5. I'll need to see technic's log in order to try and help anymore (assuming Windows: 'C:\Users\RagnaCrimson\AppData\Roaming\.technic\logs'). Alternatively, you could probably manually download Mystcraft and drop it into the mods folder. You should already have the BigDig-Mystcraft config file, so try the manual installation and tell me if it works or not. Pastebin any logs that you have.
  6. Try disabling your antivirus/firewall and attempting the download again.
  7. I'm going to assume that you searched the forums already like a person in your position should, but in case you missed it this thread should be able to help you.
  8. Yea that was me, sorry. I was planning on moving it up to 'The New Tekkit' section and fleshing it out but didn't have time yesterday. I'll get to it tonight or tomorrow. Probably tomorrow.
  9. There's a link on the main website, you just have to hover over 'Community' up at the top in order to see it.
  10. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/tekkit-not-starting.45118/page-2#post-378991
  11. Just like I told the other people in this thread, I need to see your FML log.
  12. Loaded up a 1.3.9 save, there were a few mismatched ids, but everything is working so far. One question though, is there any way that the netherores config file could come standard with irrelevant ores already disabled - Green Sapphire and Nikolite for example? It's just a small annoyance.
  13. This page might be what you need. I might have told you this in a different thread, but Dimensional Anchors is the only mod for forced chunk loading currently in BigDig.
  14. That wireless redstone isn't from RedPower, it's from a chick_bones' mod called 'Wireless Redstone Chicken_bones Edition' (WRCBE) and has already been linked in this thread. Unfortunately, I've heard that chicken_bones is waiting for Eloraam to update RP2 before he'll update WRCBE. As for your question, the only real wireless in Tekkit that I know of is in CC, also already mentioned.
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