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Can´t do anything Tekkit related (MP)


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I´m playing the new Tekkit with my gf. I downloaded the launcher for both and the server from the official Tekkit site. I manage to get the server running just fine and it seems like I can mine all the ores I find. I´ve played for a good amount of time, but haven´t seen any tin or copper... Now that I think of it, I don´t think I have seen any of the Tekkit stuff so far. All I can see is the item list beside my inventory (notenoughitems I think?).

So in a nutshell. I downloaded the server from Tekkits site, run it from my computer with just me and one other computer connected, but I am not able to do anything Tekkit related (except from NotEnoughItems and the inventory changes). Am I doing something wrong in setting up the server or something? I

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NVM, got it working. Seems like I can´t use the .jar-files or it won´t work properly. Using the .bat-file everything seems to be working ok. Don´t know if this is intentional, but i recall using the .jar-files before in running a tekkit-server.

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