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--Help-- Tekkit (Main) Wont load


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here is the log hs_err_pid7160.log


Lancher Options

menory 4gb

checked "Increase permgen size"


8gb ram

Intell core 2 duo 2.6 ghz

Windows 7 64 bit

(Got 2 javas installed)

Java 7u21

JDK 7u21 64bit

It opens to the mojang screen and the crasher. The ram usage is about 1.8gb before it crashes.

Can someone help me please?


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Run memtest32 no errors

Seagate tools : No errors

avg : clean

I searched for similar problems on google, and it was generally a driver error. Considering that your crash occurred in OpenAL, I'd try taking a look at your sound hardware/driver. Make sure that it matches your hardware and is up to date. Make sure there isn't drivers for other hardware installed at the same time.

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Edit: Before you try the suggestion a bit deeper: Are you using a textrue pack? If yes, try to rename it and start the game again. If this fixes your problem it problalby realy is a problem with you graphic drivers.


Using Geforce 320.00 (Beta) driver with my Nvidia Geforce GTX 560.

Going to try the non Beta driver now

Seems the Problem is a bit deeper down the road:

  1. # Problematic frame:
  2. # C [ntdll.dll+0x513bd] RtlAllocateHeap+0x3d
  3. #

if updating you gaphic driver didn't help you can try if this guide is some help for you:


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