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Looking for 2-4 player survival


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im looking for 2-3 more people for a survival game, normal difficulty

i would prefer people that know little to nothing about the new Tekkit, as i wish to learn it as i go

i also prefer people that have a mic and can use Mumble

my idea to to use Hamachi to host a LAN game, but if somebody else wants to create a server for this that'd be great

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I am interested. I know some knowledge of how it all works together, but have yet to try a lot of it nor try it in survival mode (making it all from scratch).

Edit: I do not have a microphone or microphone system, but do have Hamachi and I can create a server if necessary.

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if somebody wants to make a server for it, that'd be awesome, but if not, hamachi is what we'll use

also i prefer you having a mic, but if you dont have one, or cant talk, we can use text chat

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