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Looking for a tekkit server


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I'm looking for a tekkit server that meets these expectation. Not to sound straight forward, but here's the list.

White Listed

No PVP/GRIEF/RAID (These two are most important)

No banned items (I hate when I try to make something cool that ends up being banned)

No banned mods (Galactic craft, Myst-craft, and Dimensional Doors are cool mods. I dont want them banned)

A small community (Only 15-20 players actually whitelisted, I despise servers where practically every space is taken and deprived of resources)

24/7 Only because 24/7 is awesome

Care free, not ultra strict (Example Ultrastrict: F*** I lost my steam engine in an explosion. Banned for cursing. Care-free: F*** I lost my steam engine in an explosion. Other players: Lol your loss.)

Nice community also.

Lots of RAM to host it (Low-lag)

I know its a long list, but this would be Ideal for building my factory.

Thank you to who ever has a server like this

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