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  1. I have a castle where I chill, but I really only use it so I have somewhere to make repairs and preperations, drop off loot, and have as a spawn point if I ever die. It is truly a pain to have a meteor hit my face everytime I go to sleep.
  2. IGN (In Game Name): Coco12570 Age: 12 Why Horizon?: Because gearz was awesome and I'm looking for a hexxit server, and I thought why not just go on the BXB servers new one. What is your goal on the server?: Raiding, all the usual. Plus a kingdom... and maybe a wizards tower... and possibly more chocolate milk production....
  3. I think it would be awesome if it had like tales of kingdoms 2, or ars magika or aether 2, or all of them.
  4. I ended up with everything I used from the AE mod being powered by 3 bio reactor and 6 generators (Trust me, I have a TON of AE (Or ME, should I say) stuff. I then have 16 bio reactors and a stack of bio generators making power for my quarrys (Have about 12 64x64 ones), then 4 bio reactors and 16 generators to power everything else. I also am working on one for oil fabricators.
  5. Disable anti virus before starting up tekkit. A file of forge may or may not be considered maliscious, and though it isnt used much, modular powersuits uses it. If that doesnt work, delete the file for modular powersuits before starting up.
  6. GregTech's author has said that they are going to convert to MJ instead of EU. Problem Solved
  7. Every time I hook up something with pipes (but more often sandstone or hooked up to hoppers) its like it has a 50% chance to fire out onto my walls or go into the machine. (With sandstone and/or hoppers its more like a 95% chance. It only worked like its suppose to once with those buggers.) The setup was like this (SP = sandstone pipe) ------------SP---------(and into the hopper) l Hopper hopper l Hopper hopper Where all my dusts go --------Pulverizer Powered Furnace I use golden pipes always, and my other set ups usually do the samething
  8. Meanwhile me just using a regular crafting table....
  9. Make a mystcraft age with dense ores, but turn decay off.
  10. I was literally just tinkering with the mod. Trying to make the ore berries grow modded ores for my modpack. Probably a tutorial on youtube, or maybe a handy config file, but I really was bored and decided to do it la old fashion way (Searching through code and doingbstuff till shit happens)
  11. Red stone engines dontbwork with quarries Try combustion, stirling, magma, or steam engines.
  12. Thank you. The mod pack will be up within the hour.
  13. I'm currently working on transferring my servers mod pack (Its a spin off to this version of tekkit) to the actual tekkit, but to begin, I need to know a few things. I'm also adding a few more mods to make it more tekkity, but, here we go. A. What Files contain player data that I can delete (So it seems to be a fresh copy.) B. Can I use Winrar to zip it C. Can Atomic Science work without UE (Can it just work with buildcraft)
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