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Minefactory reloaded recipes issue


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Hi folks,

Struggling a little with this, it seems that the recipes for minefactory items are a tad broken for me. Essentially, the items simply cannot be crafted, no result for the recipes. Using 'R' in the NEI pane doesn't show the recipe either. I can add the items to my inventory manually through creative mode etc, haven't encountered issues with any other mods.

Anyone else having this problem / able to offer a solution?

Thanks in advance,

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I'm having the same problem but can't offer any solutions. Created an account and posted to get some visibility. A check through the logs didn't reveal anything.

I was able to collect rubber and refine it to plastic sheets, and then a hammer. Everything beyond that, including the basic factory machine block, won't show a recipe in NEI and can't be crafted on a bench.

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The factory machine block isn't used in our recipes- we use MFR's Thermal Expansion recipe set. I've been able to, just now, type in "harvester" in NEI, have the harvester appear on the right-hand side, and click on it to show the correct recipe, so the issue may just be that you guys are advanced MFR users who are used to the vanilla recipes. :)

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