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Thundercraft V 0.1

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Hi, I thought of this idea of thundercraft because I just learned to make lightning by using the command /lightning.


Q: What is the ip? A:

Q: Is there a spawn building? A: There isn't one but ill make one soon.

Q: Why does lightning keep popping up? A: Because I use the command /lightning.

Q: Why is this such a terrible server post? A: Because this is only my 2nd one.

Q: How do you get admin? A: You have to make a artefact like a statue, shopping mall, etc.

Q: Why are there noobs? A: Because I ban them every 15-30 minutes.

Q: Why is there already a tall building? A: I built it myself, its a hangout place and im making it public for you guys.

Q: Why is it superflat mode? A: Because ill make a chest inside the hangout building for food, resources, etc.

Anyway, have a good time, and goodbye.

*For more advice, meet me in my place then ask me whatever else you want.*

For admin, make a artefact to get admin.

If your artefact isn't good, ill ask you to leave the server and join again when you know what your doing.


Anyway this is based on lightning, so don't blame me for this basing thing.

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