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Can't reach server. Suspected corrupt ModFlags.dat.


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First, I hope this is the right place. I did check the bug report forum, but there was not a section dedicated for server issues. There were only dedicated subforums for each of the mods within Voltz. This issue is not specific to any of the subforum subjects.

I have had an issue for the past several days.

However, let me backtrack to a few weeks ago.

My server crashed due to an unexpected computer reboot (darn Windows automatic updates!), which I fixed by reinstalling the Voltz server, and moving over my world and player data.

This seemed to have fixed the issue, and no other problems arose.

Since then, I had been making regular backups. But, I now suspect I have been making backups of a corrupted server...

The other day, I (carefully) restarted my computer to perform windows updates, ensuring the server was properly shutdown before doing so.

Once the computer was back up, I booted up the server. No errors were logged when starting it.

Later that evening, I tried to connect, but was presented with a "Can't reach server" error.

I also received reports from other players the same issue.

I initially thought maybe Windows was blocking connections. I also suspected it was an issue with Java. After trying everything I could think of, I played around with the server files themselves, tossing around individual files and folders, making fresh installs of the server, renaming and removing files, etc etc.

Then, I stumbled upon what I think is the source of the issue. I opened up the world folder, and removed the file named ModFlags.dat. I then booted up the server. Voila. I was green, and connected.

I was excited, and then rushed to check to make sure everything was in place. Nope. Most of my machinery, items, etc etc were missing. Not all, but most. Enough it would take some time to replace.

So, my question is this: can my ModFlags.dat file be repaired? Is this even the right file that is causing both the server to refuse connections AND contains the data which, when deleted, also removes several of the mod items in my world?

I tried opening the file with simple programs like notepad to take a peek, but it's blank. (I'm sure the .dat isn't blank. Notepad just isn't the right program to open it with.)

Or, should I just keep this suspected corrupted file in the recycle bin and let the server run as it is, replacing what is missing?

Here is the exact ModFlags.dat file which I suspect to be corrupt.


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