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Solar Arrays: "No such item"

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Hey there,

I recently made a 2.1.1 Tekkit server and now ran into the problem that LV/MV/HV solar panels don't seem to exist on my server.

Spawning them via NEI nets "No such item", if I try the block id via WorldEdit it results in "Block name '187' was not recognized" and if clients try to craft them their minecraft crashes and they have double the solar panels afterwards.

My problem: I am 100% sure the error is on my side (the host I'm at uploaded the configs and I had some errors in my plugins folder afterwards that I fixed manually) but I have no idea where to look for it.

Plugins I'm running: ChatManager, ChopTree, CommandBook, dynmap, Essentials, HawkEye, Modifyworld, Multiverse-Core, NoLagg, PermissionsEx, ReceipeManager, WorldBorder, WorldEdit, WorldGuard.

I found this in my .cfgs which strikes me as odd:

/config/IC2CompactSolars.cfg reads:

general {





While my /jar/config/IC2CompactSolars.cfg reads:

general {





The entire /jar folder was uploaded by my host, this specific file e.g. says it was "Generated on 3/5/12 12:53 AM" ... did he upload some stuff that was from an old version with old IDs?

If yes, do I only have to change the numbers to 77/76/75? Are there any other files in this jar/cfg/ folder where I have to check for similar stuff?

Would appreciate some help about this.

Thanks. <3

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