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Tekkit Lite is not launching

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Hello guys,

i have a problem: i just downloaded tekkit lite and now i want to run it but when i click on launching there is a white screen and a tab opens where stand: THERE WAS A FATAL ERROR STARTING UP MINECRAFT AND FML.

Could you help me?

( sorry for my bad english i`m german ;) )

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Aktualisieren Sie auf 1.0.2 funktioniert es auf diese Version

(sorry for the translation you can blame Google translate for that and if I makes no sense whatsoever here is the original English)

Update it to 1.0.2 it works on that version

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To get the new version what you need to do is when on the launcher menu click on the little cog/wheel/options button for the tekkit pack picture (by that I mean the image to the left) then a black menu will come and make sure the drop down box that says select build says 0.6.5 (sorry i got the packs versions muddled up for a while) or a version similar to that but as long as it says latest after it. If this is not true you probably need to check the little button that says "always use recommended builds" that should fix your problem :)

at least I think that should help

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by the way is there any more info than the error you gave us

I think there should at least be a crash report or something because i know the newest version defiantly works

could be java

try resetting the pack too that might work

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