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  1. Why do Mojang seem to update so slowly? More people might play Minecraft if they did update faster! I mean it's not as if there is much added in an update (or seems not to be) every month (if even that) that comes out
  2. Don't worry, the updates for vanilla come out so slowly by the time they get to the point mods are at now then either no one will play minecraft any more or no one will still mod it!
  3. Soupa should be banned because she has no clear eyes- how on earth can you keep track of those things if they keep morphing all the time?
  4. I use hotmail too but I rarely ever use their site- I use Windows Live Mail instead to check my emails and I that does have an all emails tab although on the inbox I think there is a view button which filters what you see, you might have that set on the wrong thing
  5. Must be keyboard Cancer during which the keys fall ff ff 0ff 0h n0 I g0t it t00 s0 n0w n0000000
  6. click start then search "%appdata%" and open the folder called roaming. In there you should see a file called ".technic", open that and finally open the file in that called "tekkitmain"
  7. vicorsly should be banned for trying to spread rabies - you know how dangerous that is and raccoons do carry a lot of that! and by the way before anyone makes a sarcastic post related to walking on water, THAT PICTURE WAS TAKEN ON A BOAT IN SCOTLAND
  8. It would have to be the hades of cyber space! Is there such a myth?
  9. Lethosos should be banned for nearly naming himself the same as a small country on the bottom of africa! Its called Lesotho
  10. theprolo should be banned for brandishing a large trident on the forums-that's a real serious health and safety issue and I don't care if your a devil or not, that is dangerous!
  11. well anyway I intend on partitioning my disc with either mac or Linux If someone knows how I can do this that would be great and I also want to know can I un-license a broken mac? (snow leopard)
  12. How would you suggest for me to make my vista run better not including buy a new licence or disabling windows aero? I think there are still people who like vista and this article was surely written by one of them not that I totally agree but you have to admit SP2 Vista has got a massive improvement on stability
  13. I have I also had this problem on online videos for a while but a solution to that proved to be to disable hardware acceleration another odd thing about this problem is it usually only happens on fullscreen
  14. But the reason they follow that pattern is because they are all basically the same I like MAC better than windows stuff, I have never tried LINUX but think it would be preferable to some of the Microsoft rubbish you get anyway anyone know a solution to my problem?
  15. Never mind I will just use Eclipse instead It's a better piece of software by all accounts anyway I tried using the video but the same thing happened again :(
  16. This may be a rather stupid question but anyway, I recently downloaded and installed JDK: (Java Development Kit) from their site but after installing was challenged to find out there was no icon for this program after messing around in the program files I found no way to actually launch this software has anyone used this/ knows how to use it? also do I need to download and install net beans too?
  17. Great could you link it to me I really want an easy to understand guide on Java I could not find it but I will do some more searching
  18. where? it has JavaScript not Java- 2 totally different coding languages! I thought they where the same to! but turns out they are not
  19. I updated this morning, problem still exists I guess there is some truth there,ctrl alt delete don't work like it should and it is quite slow sometimes but it's reliable most of the time and does what it's supposed too, anyway vista can long before windows7 didn't it? apart from that if you don't want bug ridden software you use Mac or Linux most Microsoft software is the same thing with a bit bolted on it that usually adds more bugs!
  20. I am running directX 11- the newest version and because I like vista, it's basically the same as windows 7 only older
  21. I had at the point the flickering started and when I first got my graphics card neither helped but I will try to update now
  22. I think I might continue to learn it then but I would rather like to know how to make mods for minecraft rather than just messing around with the texture file
  23. aww god they are so now I have spent ages learning the wrong programming language huff back to square one I guess what do they use python for?
  24. if you don't know Java you're probably better off to start off here great interactive lessons I would recommed it
  25. Ever since I got my new graphics card (a GeForce GTX 550 Ti) I have had this strange flickering when watching videos I seeked support from Nvidea and they told me to use VLC media player that fixed this problem for a while but it has come back again. I am running 64x Vista home premium.