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  1. I am very interested on live streaming on your server... but here is your request Name: Kiel(Kyle) Hamilton Username:bullet_striker Age:14 Why this server?:Because i want to work with a very small community but if i could live stream that would be great. I am a very good builder i wont just build a box for a house i always add stuff to it i will be very kind i have never griefed or stolen from anyone. But just get back to me... it might be to late but if not definitley message me!
  2. Just Textpad would work or Notepad?
  3. @CanVox When I try to open the World.cfg it says I need to use a certain program which should I use/which is the best?
  4. Try adding or increasing the ram used by bigdig
  5. Its not a mod just config files you can make diamond like 100 all you do is change the frequency
  6. its going to be a fix in the chocobo 2.8.4 update but the next bigdig update is going to use 2.8.5 depending on it stability
  7. i cant believe you banned that many items that's why your not getting anyone joining
  8. - Applying for Mod, Coder, Builder? Moderator - What Server? Bigdig, Hexxit, Tekkit, Ftb, Vanilla? BIGDIG NIGGA - Minecraft name? bullet_striker - Skype account name? Bullet_Striker - How did hear about us? The Internet - Show us what you've got! Im so sorry but I got none (pictures, past builds, videos) - What makes you special? Cause I Take Special Classes
  9. Hey Can you make me a MC Face picture like that?

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