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Looking for a few coders


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*Pasted from a post of mine elsewhere*


Welcome to Six Core Mods! We are here to bring a new mod to the game of Minecraft. I have seen a couple of these mods around the forum before, but they all crashed and burned due to poor implementation. One reason why these others crashed and burned was for one main reason: guns. We are not here to bring guns into the game. We are here to bring other mechanics of the game such as the elemental effects, creatures, leveling system, etc. to Minecraft.

The Idea:

We have many ideas to bring to this mod, all of which pertain to Borderlands 2 in some way or another. First off, we will be bringing each of the elemental effects in Borderlands 2 into Minecraft. This includes corrosion, shock, and slag, as there is already code there for us in Vanilla Minecraft to work with fire and explosive. We are planning to bring many, if not all, of the creatures of Pandora into this as well. The dimension of Pandora will be added with biomes pertaining to the many locations in the game. I have many more ideas for later on if this mod turns out to be a success, but those will not be disclosed at the moment.

I am looking for someone with AI experience for what is in bold. The models that are being made by our modeller will be quite advanced with many moving parts that is way out of my league in my abilities in coding. We will also need at least one other person to assist with the rest of the coding.

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Your best bet is to learn how to fill atleast one of the two coding skillsets you're looking for (rendering or AI) yourself. Because as it stands all I see is someone with enough skill to barely follow the forge tutorials looking to get other people to do the heavy lifting.

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