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ICBM missile range

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I was playing on my voltz server, and a world war broke out because of senseless violence by a a group of players. We bombarded them with missiles, and finally ended it when 3 players did a ground invasion of their base. Since then, the world war has ended, and I started stockpiling missiles, and building large, cement silos all around the world. In the case of world war 2, I would be able to hit anywhere, or so I thought. I've noticed at my incredibly remote silos that it says target too far, even though the range was never adjusted, it was aimed at itself. I moved the aim 20 blocks away, still target too far. My silos at about -100,000 +100,000 couldn't fire at anything, even things well within the 10k block limit of T3 launch platforms. I'm using the recommended version of voltz. Do the missiles only fire at thing within 10,000 blocks of 0,0, and not an actual 10,000 block radius?

Edit: I found out the issue, it turns out, there is a character limit in the coords section, and the - symbol takes up one, so -100,000 became -10,000. This made it impossible to fire anything. It there any way to fix this? Maybe a config option that allows players to type in larger numbers?

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