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[beta] Getting started with Tekkit

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This is will develop into my suggestion on how to get started in Tekkit. It will be changing as I learn more about this new modpack.

To start with I want to give links to the the wiki's for the included mods:

Thermal Expansion: (Technic Wiki)

BuildCraft: (Technic Wiki) (Official Recipes)

Galacticraft: (Technic Wiki)

Equivalent Exchange 3: (Technic Wiki)

MystCraft: (Technic Wiki) (Official Wiki)

ComputerCraft: (Technic Wiki) (Official Wiki)

MineFactory Reloaded:

Applied Energistics:

Modular Powersuits:


Steve's Carts:

Immibis Microblocks:



Trade Booth:

Additional Pipes:

Greg's Lighting:

An Obsidian Plate:

Belkons Weapon Mods:

Chicken Chunks:

Custom LAN Ports:

Dimensional Anchors:

Dimensional Doors:


Please post how you get started with this modpack! We all have different ways of playing and everyone's experience is important to a good guide!

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Seems like a good idea, so here's my first short contribution:

After starting a new world I search for a good place to set up my base. For me this means:

- a nice large forest or plains biome for space to setup my farms

- a "wild" dimension gate nearby

- a close by cave entrance or ravine to make mining easy

- a nearby oil source or lava lake (optional but helps with early energy needs)

Now i set up a small wooden hut to store things and place a bed and set my sleep pawn there.

Guess we all pretty much do the same to this point, but heres the catch:

Before i go mining i make a run for the dimension dungeon, slowly advancing bringing back my loot after every room to be save in case i find an "Rocks fall, you are all dead"-room.

This should net you the following things:

Rift Blades(s) - as strong as a diamond swords but comes also with a few usefull tricks - like short distance teleports to target entities

Rift Signature(s) and Dimensional Door(s) - use full to create "shortcuts" within the same world or different dimensions - the signatures can also be used to create an artifical ender spawner.

Rift Remover - allows you to remove dimension doors that are in your way, or natural rift anomalies (those things black some like things that like to eat their surroundings and spawn endermen)

Fabric of Reality - a black block easy to remove that emits a strong light, you need to hold shift to place a block on them as normal right-clicking with a placeable block replaces the fabric.

Lots of random loot - Things to eat, buckets, seeds and even enchantment books are common loots, sometimes you can loot armor or tools too.

And best of all, there's going to be no mobs to interfere with you while going to loot. Its not entierly safe thought:

- use waypoints, signs or whatever you like to keep your sense of orientation - these dungeons can get rather complicated.

- there are hidden traps and rooms that will just kill you if enter them and aren't fast enough to turn around and return, so return often and keep your loot safe.

- if you die in in dimensional door you won't actually die, instead you will keep your inventory and be warped to a place called limbo, walk depper down there until you find darkr ground that will warp you back to the overworld, excpect to be off a few 10,000 blocks in either directon thought... and most of the time you will die due to fall damage after beeing warped back.

After a few runs you should be rather well equiped and can go safely mining with benefits you normaly would only after a few mining runs. Even better, you can take a dimensional door and a rift signature with you - set the first point into your base (right click onto the ground) - go mining and after you are deep down open a rift (second right click to the ground) place the door (or use the rift blade for a temorary one) and you have a short cut from you base to the more valuable things.

Just be sure let enough space in beetween doors/rifts (even different ones) or you will create a rift anomaly damging your base and spawn endermen to grief you even further - unless you want to farm ender pearls, in that case I'd suggest to do it quite a few blocks (10 is a good number) above the 5x5 area of a grinder from MRE (it will get you the pearls and the exp in form of mob essence)

Edit: well not so short but it covers only pre-early xD

Edit 2: oh and, you missed the (unversial) dimensonal doors mod in your list. -> http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1650007-151universal-dimensional-doors-v134-im-sorrybut-i-dont-understand/

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First priority is food, a backpack, an iron pick and a linking book. Then Its off through a dimension door portal. You can also get a ton of glowstone, some diamond blocks, iron blocks, netherbrick, netherack, pistons galore and safari nets. When I get bored or end up in limbo, I use the linking book to get back home again. Then I spam a few mining turtles, then get them tunneling at y 12 and y 45. The turtles will keep your resource production at a good rate while you spam power and quarries. Then to the moon!

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