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every time i try to open it, it errors out on the mojang page and will not open. i have tried to open it on both a vista and 7 computer but neither will run it. also, the color on the 7 is out of alignment

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it seems to error out here: mmmPowersuits{0.6.0-444} [MachineMuse's Modular Powersuits] (ModularPowersuits-0.6.0-444.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Errored PowersuitAddons{0.2.3-110} [Andrew2448's Modular Powersuits Addon] (MPSA-0.2.3-110_MPS-422.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Errored

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Server issue I take it?

Have you made sure you're using the latest recommended version of the serverpack? (1.0.3 as of this message)

Have you made sure that your java is updated?

Tried re-unpacking/installing the server? (to a new folder/location on your haddrive)

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