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[1.1.10]WolfCFR Tekkit Space Server[NoPvP][NoRaid][NoGrief][No MystCraft,DimensionalDoor,MFFS,Logis]


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Server Ip: Space.WolfCFR.com

Website: www.wolfcfr.com




Welcome to WolfCFR Tekkit Space Server. The server runs 24/7 and have 60 slots. All mods except for MFFS, logistic pipes,DimensionalDoors and MystCraft are enabled to satisfy your tekkit needs. The server consist of protection plugin called GriefPrevention that allow you to protect your property. Pvp is disabled so you don't have to worry about getting killed by Players. Hope you check out the server before going to another server! Thank you and have a nice day.




[1] No hacking!

[2] Do not share personal beliefs/information about yourself

[3] Do not ask for ranks/items

[4] Griefing and raiding is not allowed!

[5] No advertising!

[6] No Xray

[7] Don't ask for OP

[8] No exploits/dupes

[9] No saying your from Planet Minecraft.

[10] No Racism

[11] No impersonating staff!

[12] No spamming/caps!

[13] Our main rule: Use Common Sense: This rule has a lot of 'Sub-Rules' and they will be listed here. We're not stupid. We know you are not in Creative or from Planet Minecraft to review the server. We don't give any free items out or provide any players with an unfair advantadge. No, You can not have any free ranks or be OP. Also you can't be staff unless you've been a dedicated player and have applied. Also don't fake a donation.

Respect Others. Treat others how you would like to be treated; Nobody wants to be treated poorly here




[TIP] Each rank unlocks different commands. You also need a certain amount of time to achieve the next rank.

Miner =

Time: Default Joining Rank

More Ranks to come~~




Grief Prevention


& More~


Staff List



abcalvin - Alvin

crafpanda - Thalis

revoxx - Jacob



jess100100 - Kade

teljkon - Ken

Adam_jc - Adam


Zoppon - Tim

Remikz - Remy

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