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  1. So I took a look. Same features(and a boat) and worse recipes making the mod itself worse.
  2. Yes, I would like to report someone stealing my blue chocobo, some of my gyshal greens, then leaving TNT everywhere. These may or may not be related. Around what time is an admin or mod on?
  3. So is there a reason so many people on here seem to not get No Grieffing means don't steal someones damn crops? Because it's starting to get pretty damn annoying.
  4. Does it still have that stupid thing that breaks nether portals and multiblock structures despite also being useless?
  5. Whack the wooden pipe with the wrench, it's on backwards.
  6. When you say efficient do you mean getting the most out of them or just fastest way? Because the Pulverizer is just ore doubling. One of the mods, forgot which, allows ore tripling.
  7. IGN (In Game Name):wiimanclassic Age:19 Why Horizon?:Why not? What is your goal on the server?:Play Hexxit while chatting with people.
  8. Ok then, I'll try that. Thank you. Well that worked. Weird.
  9. Haven't they not been exclusive for as long as robes and kilts existed? I mean I asked some people what the difference between a dress and a robe is, they just kinda gave me a blank stare. Well Hexxit crashed for me when I opened a chest. http://pastebin.com/xvbB18BM The log it spat out ingame. http://www.mediafire.com/?7qrp7uuz9x27nya The forge modloader log. Big enough I couldn't even use pastebin! Anyone got an idea what caused it to crash?
  10. Please read threads before posting. This is nothing new. We ALL know this.
  11. ........ You didn't read any of the thread, at all, did you?
  12. Holy crap why do some of you idiots keep double posting? Do you not know what a damn edit button is?
  13. Remember people, this guy things the team would update an old outdated pack instead of the new current one. Best to ignore him due to excessive STUPID.

  14. It's an outdated mod pack. The team moved on to Tekkit. Get over it and stop being a fucking douche bag, I know doing it must be hard but please, at least TRY.
  15. Pretty sure they stopped updating it you idiot. Why add an outdated version of a mod to an old pack that's no longer updated? Get a reality check.
  16. Considering that based on "heat trails" he does 0 testing for if it breaks vanilla features and has shown he refuses to fix his mod screwing up other mods, does anyone WANT it in?
  17. So why did that one guy think it would be Galaticraft for Tekkit Lite? I mean why add a new mod to an old pack?
  18. Fuck it. Magic aliens who base where they are in space off constellations, like some giant lighthouse or something.
  19. Or, you know, a mod pack with a number of good dimension mods and/or mystcraft. I'm going with magic pack based on constellations and magicy looking glowing runes.
  20. Isn't that the one where the author refuses to fix a new thing he added that breaks multiblock structures from other mods, nether portals, pistons, and anything that relies on empty blocks being "air" and "random mod block that acts like air"?
  21. Alblaka came back? You know, the original creator who disappeared months ago? No? He didn't come back? Then why are you talking when you don't know shit? Do us a favor and shut it.
  22. Or you could just add http://wiki.technicpack.net/Artifice And use that. Oh wait, it's already in. Please try looking through mods before complaining.
  23. Then stop spamming and learn not to double post you dumbass.
  24. You're mentally damaged aren't you?
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