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[1.0.11] FuryVoltz [PvP, PvE] [36 Slots] - Factions for Everyone, Everday!


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General Information:

Server IP: furyserver.com

Server Website: http://furyserver.com

Uptime: 24/7

Mods Removed: None!

About Us:

Here, at Furyservers, we have been running all types of minecraft and other private servers for over five years. We have a general Idea how things should be handled, and always try to be fair. Our staff is here to help our players, not hurt them. This particular Voltz server was launched May, fifth, and is run 24/7. We currently have a small community of players who play, and are always looking for more dedicated players! Come join us, and see what Furyservers is all about!

Banned Items: (List always subject to change)

Red Matter Explosions

Anti-matter Explosions


  • Factions
  • Essentials
  • WorldGuard
  • WorldEdit
  • ChestShop
  • GroupManagwr
  • Votifier



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