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I cant fuel rocket.


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be sure the power gets input from the correct side (opposit side where the fuel pipe needs to connect) and if it is, place the rocket on the pad, open the interface of the fuel loader and hit "load fuel". If that doesn't work (or it is greyed out) what does the satus in this interface say?

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What I do is I get a "fuel loader" or something (it has a name but I forgot) then you hook one or two stirling engines to it... Then you power the engines with coal/charcoal and redstone torches, then put fuel in the fuel loader... Almost forgot... Place the fuel loader next to the launch pad... It will connect to the launch pad... It might take a while but when you get your ship fueled... Then you take the fuel loader (because if you don't then you will be stuck on the moon) and the stirling engines and make sure you have enough coal/charcoal... And the torches and bla bla bla...

Congrats... You are on the moon :)

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