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[0.6.5] [10 Slots] [Survival] [Tekkit Lite] [Teamspeak] [Chicago Based] [Age 18+] server now open.

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My last server expanded into 4 players and started to lag a little bit so we decided to switch from my locally hosted server into an external hosted server. We're all 25 years old and use Teamspeak. If your looking for a nice place to chill, give us a shout out.

Images: http://imgur.com/a/IGMH3


Server information:


  • IP:
  • Channel: Minecraft
  • Password: mario
  • Server IP will be given once we talk.


  • Age 18+
  • Microphone (for Teamspeak).
  • No griefing. (Instant ban to those who do)


You can build where you want, what you want, and (if you have a friend) with who you want! We prefer US based clients as to ensure a smooth experience for everyone. Currently we have all mods activated, but if certain mods weigh heavy on the server we will ask that we cut back on their use and if it gets bad we will disable them.


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A few tried joining yesterday and I was at work. We had a few regular players on and they will gladly talk with you and most likely give you the IP information if you meet the requirements. Give us a shout! We really want this server to reach a critical mass of at least 1 person playing at any given time and so having 10 people is our goal. Small enough to be a community of cool guys/gals, but big enough to feel like something is always happening somewhere.

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Any place for a 18 year old dutch guy?

Hello, is there room for an 18 year old dane? :)

Surely! We welcomed Diathemen this evening, if you want to come on in to our Teamspeak Slazke we can get you the server IP address. We keep it hidden as to keep the server private(ish) from people who just join to grief! Thx!

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hello there.

i've never actually played minecraft or tekkit with strangers before but i like the sound of your server a lot. unfortunately, teamspeak is not an option for me, as i am a headset/mikeless dinosaur. is there any other way we could arrange for me to be on your server? if not, that is understandable.

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