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Tekkit Server RAM Issue

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I recently made a small tekkit server for me and two friends, but it has been pretty laggy. I think this is because when making the server, I had to change the values in the launch.bat file to 1G. I was looking in several places and they say this happens if you have a 32-bit OS or 4G RAM or less. However, I have 8G and a 64-bit OS. Is there any way for me to add more RAM to the server or am I stuck?

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I would if I could. I wouldn't post this problem if I could but every time I do try to change it up it tells me

Error occurred during initialization of UM

Could not reserve enough space for object heap

Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.

Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit.

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Then lets try this next:

Go to cmd and copy/paste this (EXACTLY this):

java -debug -version > "%userprofile%\desktop\javaDebug.log" 2>&1

Press enter, wait 5 seconds, then attempt to type in the cmd box, if you can't type continue waiting, if you can type, then close the cmd and go to your desktop, then copy paste everything from the "javaDebug" file in this thread.

also, open your task manager and tell me what stand in the foot line behind "physical memory", or better, make a screenshot of the tab performance (4th tab if it called differently) and post it here.

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install java 64 for your os if you are sure you have a 64 bit os and then add the file path for the 64 bit java to the batch file.

also to test you can call java in cmd with -d32 or -d64 to see if you have one or both installed, it will either say it doesnt exsist or it will list the help topics

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