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[1.4.7]Elysium[PvA][20][Servidion's Elysium]

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  • http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/servidions-elysium.18169
  • Build whatever you want outside the city, try not to grief too much, and please don't stack a billion tnt to crash the server. Wouldn't want to blacklist items.
  • We have a small group of friends on a private server and could use some more company, especially in the city. The npcs are getting lonely. There's a major city, a dungeon with 4 bosses (very basic so far), shop npcs, an economy using coins in your inventory as currency, quests will be coming once the shops are done.
  • Expected to be up 24/7. I restart now and again when nobody is online. If it needs a restart when people are on I ask if I can restart it. Sometimes they ask for 10 mins to finish something up. You get the idea.
  • The people on the server are fairly easy going. There's me and my wife building the major city hub of the server (about 50% complete), a friend who's always suggesting new mods to try out, another who gets very grumpy now and again about his job, and another who likes to dig holes and plant gardens. We could use more variety without griefing. lol
  • Don't really have an "application" to the server, per-say, just post here or send me an email at [email protected] letting me know what you'd like to do. Just looking for about 5-10 active players.
  • Mods include - Auditori, Jammy Furniture, Weeping Angels, Atmos Mobs, Bibliocraft, BuffBarMod, Custom NPCs, Damage Indicators, Divine RPG, Dungeon Pack, Extrabiomes XL, Mutant Creatures, Pam's Weee! Flowers, Redpower, Thaumcraft 3, Traincraft.


Looking for 5-10 more people to play on our whitelisted server. Major city, shops, mercenaries, worldguard, quests to come, 1 dungeon so far, no serious rules.









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