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Problems when creating a server ??.


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I'm experiencing problems when trying to setup a server ( Tekkit version 1.0.5) for my friends and i.

This is not the first server that im creating a server, and i have changed the server properties (online mode to false and IP).

In order to connect to the server am i using hamachi.

I have tried the different batch files for starting the server (Launch,minecraft_server and tekkit)

I'm getting the following message when trying to find the server by the hamachi ID " Out of Reach"

I am 100% sure that this is not caused by firewall as i have allowed it in my firewall exceptions.

Best regards

*signature stolen by Signature Gnomes*

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i think what you are having here is a communications problem and not a server problem, before you even try to setup a server at least try to make sure the server is accessible from the computers you are trying to connect form

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