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Tekkit For 1.2.4 [NOT A RAGEPOST]

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Hey guys, I love this modpack and can't wait (I'm not impatient) for 1.2.4!

My quick little question:

Is there a blog/website/page etc that I can follow for the latest dev-related updates? (Sort of like ci.bukkit.org)

I'm only asking because we're going to be starting a new Tekkit 1.2 server, and want to know how progress is coming. I know it'll take a couple weeks since Bukkit just hit an RB, and with the new biome updates, blocks, etc.. It might take a while. Please let me know if there is anywhere I can keep an eye on for 1.2.4 Technic/Tekkit news.

Thanks for your time!

- Sayshal

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