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TEKKIT - question about included mods... Please help

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Hey everyone, I'm new to this so forgive my nooby-ness.... In the old technic pack, I remember being able to transmute on a transmutation table. I thought EE3 was part of the Tekkit pack, but I can't even find a transmutation tablet in the item search/craft. Also, Why can't I find any nuclear reactors?

How can I make it so these are added? I mean, If Equivalent Exchange is part of Tekkit as shown in the 'mods' section on the main menu of MC when opened from the Technic launcher, why can't I even search for a transmutation Tablet? Also, things like copper cable or wind turbines won't even come up. No machines, like macerators, no gems like a ruby, Etc. Why is this?? I'm currently running 1.0.6

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